Employee Pre-Placement/Pre-Employment Services

Our goal is to assist our clients in finding and maintaining a healthy workforce. Taking advantage of the services we offer may be in your organizations best interest.

Performing services such as pre-placement/pre-employment physical examinations and physical capability assessments can help your hiring team assure the selected employee is in fact capable of performing the duties identified within the job description.

Ruling out injured potential employees and high risk drug abusers can help minimize lost time and better guarantee a safe work environment for the rest of your team.

Services include but are not limited to:

Drug & Alcohol Testing Services
o Drug Testing in Albany NY
· Urine Drug Testing Screening (Regulated & Non-Regulated)
· Hair Follicle Screening
· Oral Fluid Screening
· Finger/Toe Nail Screening
o Certified Breath Alcohol Testing
o Random Testing Software / Result Retrieval Software

Non-Regulatory Examinations & Assessments
o Non-DOT / General Physical Exam
· Company specific pre-placement physical examination

o Lift Assessment
· Company policy assessment to ensure employee can perform necessary job functions

o Return to Duty/Fit for Duty
· Full review of all medical records
· Physical Examination
· Return to duty medical recommendation

Respirator Fit Testing
o Fit Testing Pursuant to OSHA 1910.134
· Quantitative Fit Testing Method
· Qualitative Fit Testing Method

Vaccinations & Titers
o Vaccinations
· Influenza Vaccine
· Hepatitis B Vaccination Series (3 shots in the series)
· Tetanus Vaccine
· PPD (Tuberculosis skin test)
· Measles, Mumps, Rubella (MMR) Vaccine

o Immunity Titers
· Hepatitis B Titer
· Measles, Mumps, Rubella (MMR) Titer

We understand the importance of securing a safe and healthy employee, incorporate us into your hiring process today to better ensure a safe and healthy workforce for tomorrow!